Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where do I go on Thursdays?

Thursday is officially the start of weekend in the Middle East. Here in Dubai, we have plenty of options on how to spend our Thursday night. It could be at a bar in a nearby hotel. It could be at the open beach where one can set up a picnic with friends. It could be at the mall, coffee shops, etc.. Since coming to Dubai, I have learned to adjust to being alone most of the time. I got used to malling, eating, having coffee and even going to a bar alone. On Thursdays, I make sure that I don't head home straight from work. I love walking and I rarely take a cab. Nevermind if it's humid in the evening, I enjoy seeing sights as I walk.

Here are some of my favorite places to go to during Weekends:

1.) Naif - This is equivalent to our own Divisoria with lotsa Chinese goods all over the place. Cheap gadgets, clothes, shoes, accessories and even beads for craft-making can be found there.

2)Deira City Centre - My fave stores e.g. forever21, h&m, etc. are here plus one big Carrefour for budger buys.

3) Champions Bar- located at Hamarain Centre/Marriott Hotel, this bar is just two floors below the gym. Perfect for chilling out after swimming. It has Karaoke Nights every Friday that attracts mostly Filipino patrons.

4) Mamzar Beach - Though it can never be anything close to Bora or even puerto Galera, thank God for a beach just one bus ride away from my place. And who said bikinis are not allowed? =p

5) Griffins Health Club Rooftop Pool - The pool is just perfect for chillin out on a weekend. There aren't many people during weekends so I usually have the pool all to myself.

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