Saturday, April 24, 2010

I miss using my lomo cameras

I bought a supersampler and a fisheye back in 2008, took some pics, had one film developed, grew tired of my cameras and never used them since then. I initially wanted to buy a holga but due to non-availability of 120 mm films here, I had to forego the idea of buying one. And boy, I never realized before that lomography is an expensive hobby. Here in Dubai, the cost of developing films is AED 35-- something I could buy a shirt with at Splash or even a dress on sale.

My supersampler and fisheye are stacked somewhere in my cabinet and I am contemplating on using them one of these days. I do miss them and it would be such a waste not to use these two cute cams. Oh, and Im gonna buy a holga or a diana soon=)

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