Monday, April 26, 2010


Most of the people I met here in Dubai (any nationality) would automatically assume that everyone is in a relationship. I, however, belong to the point-something percentage of people who are certified single. I have been out of the dating scene for over a year now and for some reason I cannot bring myself to go out with other people. I have turned down few invites to go out for dinner; I don't reply to sms and calls; I prefer to be alone most of the time thus, a zero lovelife. I do have an ideal guy in mind but that's another story and I'd rather not push through with that.. (no details here, sorry)..

anyway, I have encountered some people who could not believe I am not dating anyone. They often tell me that it's very rare for a pinay here not to have a bf. I tell them that I can have a bf if I want to but I am enjoying being alone for now.

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