Monday, April 26, 2010


Most of the people I met here in Dubai (any nationality) would automatically assume that everyone is in a relationship. I, however, belong to the point-something percentage of people who are certified single. I have been out of the dating scene for over a year now and for some reason I cannot bring myself to go out with other people. I have turned down few invites to go out for dinner; I don't reply to sms and calls; I prefer to be alone most of the time thus, a zero lovelife. I do have an ideal guy in mind but that's another story and I'd rather not push through with that.. (no details here, sorry)..

anyway, I have encountered some people who could not believe I am not dating anyone. They often tell me that it's very rare for a pinay here not to have a bf. I tell them that I can have a bf if I want to but I am enjoying being alone for now.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I miss using my lomo cameras

I bought a supersampler and a fisheye back in 2008, took some pics, had one film developed, grew tired of my cameras and never used them since then. I initially wanted to buy a holga but due to non-availability of 120 mm films here, I had to forego the idea of buying one. And boy, I never realized before that lomography is an expensive hobby. Here in Dubai, the cost of developing films is AED 35-- something I could buy a shirt with at Splash or even a dress on sale.

My supersampler and fisheye are stacked somewhere in my cabinet and I am contemplating on using them one of these days. I do miss them and it would be such a waste not to use these two cute cams. Oh, and Im gonna buy a holga or a diana soon=)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where do I go on Thursdays?

Thursday is officially the start of weekend in the Middle East. Here in Dubai, we have plenty of options on how to spend our Thursday night. It could be at a bar in a nearby hotel. It could be at the open beach where one can set up a picnic with friends. It could be at the mall, coffee shops, etc.. Since coming to Dubai, I have learned to adjust to being alone most of the time. I got used to malling, eating, having coffee and even going to a bar alone. On Thursdays, I make sure that I don't head home straight from work. I love walking and I rarely take a cab. Nevermind if it's humid in the evening, I enjoy seeing sights as I walk.

Here are some of my favorite places to go to during Weekends:

1.) Naif - This is equivalent to our own Divisoria with lotsa Chinese goods all over the place. Cheap gadgets, clothes, shoes, accessories and even beads for craft-making can be found there.

2)Deira City Centre - My fave stores e.g. forever21, h&m, etc. are here plus one big Carrefour for budger buys.

3) Champions Bar- located at Hamarain Centre/Marriott Hotel, this bar is just two floors below the gym. Perfect for chilling out after swimming. It has Karaoke Nights every Friday that attracts mostly Filipino patrons.

4) Mamzar Beach - Though it can never be anything close to Bora or even puerto Galera, thank God for a beach just one bus ride away from my place. And who said bikinis are not allowed? =p

5) Griffins Health Club Rooftop Pool - The pool is just perfect for chillin out on a weekend. There aren't many people during weekends so I usually have the pool all to myself.

why dubai?

It's been two years, one month and 12 days since I came to Dubai. I left the Philippines armed with confidence, high hopes and excitement over my newfound independence. Back in 2006, my cousin and her husband left for Dubai in search of greener pastures. I asked my then-boyfriend if he had plans of working abroad. He said no. I told him I am toying with the idea of working abroad just to experience what it's like to be out of my comfort zone. I let the plan pass. Me and then-bf were having a rocky relationship which eventually led to our break up. I wanted to recover from the break up so badly that I told my cousin to sponsor my visa ASAP. I didn't go in 2007, though. I was able to process my papers and eventually go to Dubai in March. 2008.

I can't believe that I endured two years in a place I initially scorned for the heat, the smell and everything that spells STRESS. I had adjusted in my two years of living here and I can say I got used to almost everything quite well.

Allow me to share some of my other experiences in the next posts. Welcome to my blog. =)